• 1989. Elcometal was founded as a private company, with the participation of 2 hungarian and 1 american owner. Nowdays it is 100% hungarian family ownership.
  • Business started with the manufacturing of rivets for brake-linings and clutches.
  • Elcometal has built up its production and product line from the 90’s constantly developing toward the automotive supplier industry.
  • After a few years of experience on automotive field we gained knowledge to mass produce more difficult customer designed parts based on our highly skilled technicians.
  • 2003. ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system was introduced.
  • 2005. We were authorized as qualified  automotive supplier.
  • 2006. Elcometal acquired its new fastener producer plant and technology in the city of Győr, approx. 100 km far from Wien, and 80 km far from Bratislava.
  • 2011. March: ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is installed. Recently Elcometal maintains an effective environmental management system, which guarantees the compliance of the respective environmental regulations.
  • Our significant goal is to provide our customers with constant reliable high quality, throughout striving to achieve total customer satisfaction and also to keep flexibility.
  • Percentage of sales turnover by Industry: Automotive sector:  95%, Territory:       Europe 95% , America 4%, Others 1% (South Africa, Dubai)

Core products and production bases

Elcometal Ltd. is a manufacturer of fasteners. Our core products: Bolt, screw, wide range of customer designed special parts and components based on drawings – rivet, axle, welding nut and screw, pin, spacer – also standard parts.

Cold forming technology Size range: M4 – M24, L = 5mm – 150mm Supplying mostly for automotive industry. Produce standards : DIN, ISO
Produce to Customer drawings Lead time quotations 5-8 days Lead time tooling production 30 days Lead time Initial samples 8-10 weeks Lead time serial production 10-12 weeks



Bolt manufacturing Plant

  • 1400m2 production facility
  • 3-6 workstation machines
  • Diameter M10 – M24
  • Length 30 – 180mm
  • 500m2 tool stock
  • 1000m2 stocking area for raw material and finished products
  • 1400m2 free capacity for manufacturing and stocking
  • 5 days / week , 1 shift /day , 8 hours/shift



Directing Plant

  • 31.000m2 open  and  7.500m2 closed area
  • 500m2 manufacturing process (+ building of 1.500 m2 new production plant is under construction, expected finish spring 2012.)
  • 2-4 workstation machines
  • Diameter M4 – M10
  • Length 5 – 100mm
  • 200m2 tool stock
  • 400m2 stocking area for raw material and finished products
  • 5 days / week , 1 shift /day , 8 hours / shift