• 1989. Elcometal was founded as a private company, with the participation of 2 hungarian and 1 american owner. Nowdays it is 100% hungarian family ownership.
  • Business started with the manufacturing of rivets for brake-linings and clutches.
  • Elcometal has built up its production and product line from the 90’s constantly developing toward the automotive supplier industry.
  • After a few years of experience on automotive field we gained knowledge to mass produce more difficult customer designed parts based on our highly skilled technicians.
  • 2003. ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system was introduced.
  • 2005. We were authorized as qualified  automotive supplier.
  • 2006. Elcometal acquired its new fastener producer plant and technology in the city of Győr, approx. 100 km far from Wien, and 80 km far from Bratislava.
  • 2011. March: ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is installed. Recently Elcometal maintains an effective environmental management system, which guarantees the compliance of the respective environmental regulations.
  • Our significant goal is to provide our customers with constant reliable high quality, throughout striving to achieve total customer satisfaction and also to keep flexibility.
  • Percentage of sales turnover by Industry: Automotive sector:  95%, Territory:       Europe 95% , America 4%, Others 1% (South Africa, Dubai)

Core products and production bases

Elcometal Ltd. is a manufacturer of fasteners. Our core products: Bolt, screw, wide range of customer designed special parts and components based on drawings – rivet, axle, welding nut and screw, pin, spacer – also standard parts.

Cold forming technology Size range: M4 – M24, L = 5mm – 150mm Supplying mostly for automotive industry. Produce standards : DIN, ISO
Produce to Customer drawings Lead time quotations 5-8 days Lead time tooling production 30 days Lead time Initial samples 8-10 weeks Lead time serial production 10-12 weeks



Bolt manufacturing Plant

  • 1400m2 production facility
  • 3-6 workstation machines
  • Diameter M10 – M24
  • Length 30 – 180mm
  • 500m2 tool stock
  • 1000m2 stocking area for raw material and finished products
  • 1400m2 free capacity for manufacturing and stocking
  • 5 days / week , 1 shift /day , 8 hours/shift



Directing Plant

  • 31.000m2 open  and  7.500m2 closed area
  • 500m2 manufacturing process (+ building of 1.500 m2 new production plant is under construction, expected finish spring 2012.)
  • 2-4 workstation machines
  • Diameter M4 – M10
  • Length 5 – 100mm
  • 200m2 tool stock
  • 400m2 stocking area for raw material and finished products
  • 5 days / week , 1 shift /day , 8 hours / shift

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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Certificates

Quality policy

In order to reach our customres’ demands and requirements, we apply preventive methods specially prepared to succeed which all stand in the center of our quality policy. These steps lead from production-planning all the way to „satisfied customer”.

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Main customers:

  • RABA
  • John Deere
  • ZF Lenksysteme
  • ZF Steering System
  • U-shin
  • Karl Berrang GmbH
  • Motokom
  • SISU
  • BPW
  • Remy Automotive

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Elcometal participates as an exhibitor on several international trade fairs. We may already had the pleasure to welcome you in the past fairs, if not so please come and meet us on the following trade fairs:  FASTENER FAIR HANNOVER 24-26 April 2012

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